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30 Years of Medical Malpractice Experience

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Attorney Christopher J. Russo, Jr.

Attorney Christopher J. Russo, Jr.

Attorney Christopher J. Russo, Jr. has been a medical malpractice trial lawyer for over 30 years and is admitted to practice in Maryland and Washington, DC. His fascination with trials and passion for counseling and advising people inspired him to become a lawyer. He focuses his work on the Eastern Shore since there are no plaintiffs’ firms in the area that focus on medical malpractice.

• Psychology
• Persuasion
• Investigation
• Deduction

• Public Speaking
• Medicine
• Complex Litigation

Surgery Errors

Analysis of a Surgery Error Case Tried by Mr. Russo

A 50-year-old married woman is experiencing severe abdominal pain, and her doctor decides there is a problem with her gallbladder. He recommends laparoscopic surgery to remove the organ and help her recover quicker.

She is supposed to have a routine gallbladder operation at an outpatient center; however, the doctor cuts the wrong body part during the procedure. This causes her to become severely ill, forcing her to undergo a bigger corrective operation.

The injury occurred because the doctor failed to properly identify her anatomy. He, through his insurance company, refused to settle the case. The jury ruled in favor of the woman, and she was awarded $471,000.

• Pleadings
• Discovery
• Witness Preparation
• Jury Exhibits

• Demand Letters
• Settlement Packages
• The Trial Itself (If Necessary)

If you have experienced a Surgery Error in Wicomico, Worcester, Talbot, and Queen Anne’s County, MD, don't hesitate to contact us.

Other Representative Cases Attorney Russo Has Handled and Their Results:

• OBGYN Punctures Uterus (Surgery Error) – $1,195,000
• Hospital Violates Safety Rules Resulting in Patient’s Death (Hospital Error) – $600,000
• Nurse Midwife/OBGYN Fails to Diagnose Fetal Distress (Misdiagnoses/Delayed Diagnoses) – $600,000
• Oral Surgeon Fails to Monitor Anesthesia (Anesthesia Error) – $1,050,000
• Orthopedic Surgeon Performs Wrong Operation (Surgery Error) – $700,000
• Chiropractor Wrong Therapy Causes Main Artery to Tear – $900,000
• OBGYN Fails to Diagnose Breast Cancer (Misdiagnoses/Delayed Diagnoses) – $900,000
• Internist Over-Prescribes Blood Thinner (Medication Error) – $200,000
• OBGYN Fails to Diagnose Preeclampsia (Misdiagnoses/Delayed Diagnoses) – $1,300,000

Please note that results will vary depending on the specific facts and circumstances of each case. Prior results do not predict, warrant, or guarantee a similar outcome in the future.

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